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This year I've already gotten a few presents beforehand. Useful items, I must say.

Kenya, I have a present for you. I couldn't give it to you before since it hadn't arrived. I'll give it to you when it's okay for you ^_^
Some things are more difficult than I thought. It isn't enough that you know what you want, but you should also think about what your chances are, yet you can never be sure about them since they change most of the time.

I guess we'll just have to keep looking.
I guess everyone must be tired of introduction posts already, but here's another one. It's good to know who owns this journal, so it's best to start with this.

My name is Shiraishi Kuranosuke and I used to be the captain of Shitenhouji in Osaka. You might remember me from my Bible tennis (which I still play when I'm serious, but mostly my tennis these days is just... err, fun?) or the bandage arm (or dokusu, if you want to say it like that). On my team's last year we made it to best four at Nationals.

Nowdays tennis isn't the biggest thing, thought I'm thinking of starting it more again. We'll have to see. These days I study Botany (Major) and Chemistry (Minor). Oh and if you ever need to visit my room you will need to deal with different plants and a kitten called Miyuki-chan.

Also, I'm a vegetarian these days. So if you're going to treat me lunch, remember that.

I'm dating Chitose Senri ♥ We've been together for a very long time and we have many years ahead of us, too ♥

Oh and I also have an adoptive son named Akaya ~ He's also a student here.

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Mm, thirtieth ~

I haven't updated this thing in ages. Really, I'm a bad journal keeper. Though Senri's even more lazy than me, at least.

Miyuki has grown a bit. She's still eating Senri's hair whenever she can. I should teach her not to, but it looks so cute ~ but at the same time it's dangerous. So yes, I should teach her Senri's hair is off-limits. I've been taking her off there early enough, but... well.

And I just received some new plants. Let's see how well they grow.

I want to play tennis. Even if I'd need to use indoor courts. Akaya, would you like to play with me? It feels like we haven't met in ages ~

Mm, twenty-ninth~

Oh, Christmas is approaching. I guess I need to start shopping real soon. I wonder what I should get for everyone on my list. This will be hard.

Akaya, want to get something good to eat at some point? I also want you to help me with my christmas shopping.

Mm, twent-eight ~

The weather's been good around here. I've been able to keep my window open because of that and now my plants look even better than before ♥ I think I'm able to get a good score out of this experient.

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Mm, twenty-seventh~

That was the best week of my life so far.

Mm, twenty-sixth~

It's almost middle of the night and I want to go out. Oh, is there a saviour, someone to come with me to protect, available?

Mm, twenty-fifth ~

There's a missing kitty. I haven't seen Miyuki-chan in hours. I wonder where she could be... Senri, come over and help me find her? I hope she hasn't left the room. If someone sees a black kitten, please inform me.

I'm pretty sure she has to be here, since I've been making sure the doors are closed and that no kitten leaved from the window... but you never know.

Edit ten minutes later//
Found her. She was under the bed... well hidden since she's black and it's dark there.

Mm, twenty-fourth ~

I don't even think I want to know what's happened now.

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Mm, twenty-third ~

I think now that Senri isn't around all the time, Miyuki-chan has found my hair to be almost as fun. Especially in the morning when they're fuzzy. I think she still prefers Senris hair too if she can reach them. Luckily she's been well and she's gotten used to my room now. And used to being alone, too.

And I've gotten used to having a minor. It hasn't changed much and it's interesting at least.

Mm, twenty-second ~

I miss Osaka already. But, I got moved back into my own dorm room. Seems like the construction is ready. Very cool. Now Senri can visit me instead of me always visiting him. I'll get used to being in my own room again, since I didn't really communicate with roommates... sorry about that.

And I took a minor. I'm now also studying Chemistry. While in Osaka I kept finding my old notes and it brought back my enthusiasm.

But now it's time to stop Miyuki-chan the kitten from eating my boxes. I should unpack and arrange everything so that this room will feel like a home again.

Mm, twenty-first ~

I haven't watched the news during the holidays but I was able to catch a news about the accident everyone's talking about. I do hope everything will be okay for them... sounds like it was pretty bad.

Akaya, if you need someone to talk to, give me a call or poke me and I'll call you.

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Mm, twentieth ~

It seems like my cat has gotten kittens. Mom didn't tell anything about it so it was quite a shock. She looks so happy and the kittens are very cute. Though one of them likes to sleep in my pillow... now it has cat fur all over it. And one of them loves to bite Senris hair whenever it can reach them.

So yeah, we're back in Osaka. Life here is pretty good, even though it rains most of the time. Oh well.

Mm, nineteenth ~

Akaya, I'm sorry I'm late saying this, but: Gongrats on winning Mr. Tanabata contest ♥ Even if it was a tie, you deserved it.

Summer vacation is almost here. I'm thinking about spending it in Osaka. Senri, you're coming with me, right? Of course we can go to Kyushuu too, if you want. Or do both. I'm pretty sure my mom wants to see both of us. And I want to see Miyuki-chan too... hmm.

I've managed to smile a little bit more lately.

Mm, eighteenth ~

I'm all set for selling plants tomorrow, even if I don't feel like it. So if anyone wants a nice decoration for their room, do visit our booth and pick something you like. Thought I doubt I'll sell a lot... not with my fake smile and lousy atmosphere. Senri's there with me, so you can probably get your personality analysed at the same time, since he studies psychology :P

And now I'm making an official request: Could someone please teach me how to cook (vegetarian food)? I'm really bad at it, so patience is needed here, but I learn rather quick.

Mm, sixteenth ~

This is the perfect day for this announcement.

Today is my two months anniversiry with my boyfriend, Chitose Senri. Yes, we've been together for that long and now it's time to be public about it. We're tired of hiding it so we've decided to make an announcement about like this.

And I know a few (or at least one) against it. I don't care what you think. We care for each other. A lot.

Mm, fifteenth ~

I just burned my breakfast. Great. I thought I knew how to make this so that I don't burn it down. Good start for a week... especially since I already know it's going to be tough and annoying. Lots of assigments, reports and essays due to end of this month and I'm behind making them.

I guess I'll go fetch myself breakfast today.

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Mm, fourteenth ~

I adopted someone today. I now have a boy name Akaya (and he's a year younger than me). Be nice to him ~

And now there's another one who believes in my poison arm. Arrah... I thought I got over that phase.

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Mm, thirteenth ~

I think I've misplaced one of my books. Just my luck... I need it right now so I could identify things. I mean, I'm pretty sure about what I have, but I can't be one hundred percent sure if I don't have the book.

There's only two other places where it could be. I might have to travel the route I took today. I'll start with the library and then check if it's outside in the park. I just hope it's not outside since it might rain today.

So if anyone has seen it, please return it to me.

Mm, twelfth ~

Today was indeed interesting. I was able to play quite well against Echizen, but it wasn't enough. It was exciting and I feel a bit sad because I lost... But losing to one of the best players I know isn't a shame. Especially since I didn't lose that badly. Haha.

I'm still accepting challenges, though. I said I'd take five, I've taken two. I'm not challenging anyone, since I don't know who still play tennis here. Well the tennis team, obviously, but others.

Mmh... Now I should finish a paper before going to bed.

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Mm, eleventh ~

I feel like playing tennis. Now, I don't want to join the team, since I want to play just for fun, so I want to ask if anyone (from the tennis team or not, it doesn't matter) wants to challenge me. I must say, I still have my perfect tennis style and it's even more accurate - if possible.

I'll accept up to five challenges for now.