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The boundless future I believed in

Shiraishi Kuranosuke
14 April
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This is a rp journal for Shiraishi Kuranosuke @ pot_university.


Name: Shiraishi Kuranosuke
Birthday/Horoscope: 14.4, Aries
Bloodtype: B
Height / Weight: 178cm / 66kg
Dominant Arm: Left
Family: Parents, older sister, younger sister, cat
Education: Elementary School: Minami Umeda -> Middle School: Shitenhouji -> High School: Shitenhouji

Hobbies: Chess, Yoga, Tennis, DDR
Motto: Perfection's beauty

Music - Trance Music (mostly DDR)
Movies - Korean
Food - Cheese risotto
Colour - Grass-coloured
Book - Nature books, Illustrated books on plants

Major: Botany


Shiraishi is the same guy he was in Junior High. Not much has changed. His appearance is still the same and he hasn't even grown taller. He also has his bandages around his left arm - but this time it's not Kintarou who's keeping it there. It's plants and the rash some of them give him. The bandages help the rash, since they may have oilments on them. He's well prepared for anything plant-related. That's why he chose to Major botany. It's always been in his interest to study plants so it was an obvious reason. He hasn't picked a minor, since he has troubles deciding what he wants to study besides botany.

He is a returning student. He spent half a year in Canada, studying the local plants there. This was arranged by the school and his father. He failed to get back on time because the project had troubles so now he's returning to Hajime University a little late. He tried to keep in touch with his old teammates and friends during the time he was away, but there were some problems with that too. Now he's main mission is not only to study - but also catch up with everyone he knows.

Tennis is also still part of his life. At least once a week he goes out and enjoys himself a game. However, he does not wish to compete again, so he doesn't want to join the tennis team. He's happy like this.